B2B Marketing Strategy Book

"If you're a committed B2B marketer, this book is certain to challenge, inform and ultimately reinvigorate your approach - it's a thoroughly worthwhile investment in your career." JOEL HARRISON, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, B2B MARKETING

What is the role and purpose of B2B marketing in today's commercial environment? This inspiring guide debunks many of the myths that are currently dominating the B2B marketing landscape with practical advice and a new methodology for developing your strategy.

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Creating Impact and Differentiation


The environment in which we do business has forever and fundamentally changed. We are living in an increasingly complex multi-channel world where B2B buying decisions are now being influenced and made long before a sales person even makes contact. Our B2B customers are bringing their consumer buying behaviours into the B2B world and today’s technology is enabling

our customers to access huge amounts of information in so many different ways. As a result, they want to engage with us and our organisations in fundamentally different ways, and this is profoundly changing how B2B organisations approach marketing.

"I have known and worked with Heidi on projects for many bluechip companies. Her knowledge, strategic thinking and marketing creativity is simply second to none. She adds a new dynamic to the marketing process that gets clients to where they need to be quickly and efficiently."

Terry Hewett
Chairman, Zest.

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