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B2B Marketing Strategy:


B2B marketing is functioning in an increasingly fast-paced and complex business landscape, with a wealth of new technologies, tools and channels, and where customers are more in control of the buying process than ever before. With the imperative to become 'digital', B2B marketers have become consumed by the marketing activity itself - the tactics - instead of the outcomes marketers want and need to achieve for customers and businesses. B2B Marketing Strategy provides fresh insight into the challenges marketers are facing in such an environment and offers a new framework for developing B2B marketing strategy and plans.


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Also available from Amazon

"Taylor bravely disassembles some of key myths and fallacies that too often dominate thinking today, reasserts why many of the marketing challenges are perennials, and explains why we need to get back to the fundamentals of our profession. If you're a committed B2B marketer, this book is certain to challenge, inform and ultimately reinvigorate your approach - it's a thoroughly worthwhile investment in your career."

Joel Harrison, Editor-in-chief
B2B Marketing

"Give a copy of this book to every B2B marketer you know. Taylor is an award-winning B2B marketer and is a mentor to the next generation of marketing professionals. When Heidi has something to say, we listen."

Katryna Turner, Board Member
Business Marketing Club

"Packed full of insightful thought provoking ideas about contemporary B2B marketing practice and the need to stay focussed on business outcomes rather than the latest management fads. The message is clear - only by changing how we think about B2B marketing can we change how we do B2B marketing. A definite recommendation for marketing students and sales and marketing professionals who want to make a real difference."

Dr Paul R. Johnston, Marketing Subject Group Leader,
Sheffield Business School, Sheffield Hallam University

"Mandatory reading for every B2B marketer."

Stephane Antona, VP Marketing EMEA

"Written by someone who has worked for over two decades across the B2B marketing landscape, this is an essential read for marketers of all levels. No hype, no fads; just straight talk, solid advice and practical examples of where and how B2B marketers need to apply their focus, energy and resources."

Roberta de Lima, Head of UK Marketing
BAI Communications

"A call to arms for B2B marketers everywhere, this book is a vital read for any practitioner keen to prove the value that marketing provides to their business. Heidi has tackled a long overdue issue in B2B marketing head on, highlighting exactly why strategy and purpose should always drive tactical marketing activities."

Danny Jack, Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications

"Heidi is the best marketer I've ever come across; she excels because of her innate understanding of what drives and grows a business, and makes that her starting point, only then creating the marketing strategy and plans that will deliver on that organization's objectives. This book reflects her insight and experience, and it will be as useful to the public and charity sectors as it is to business. It helps us think about how we need to influence and engage other organizations in order to achieve our objectives."

Dame Julie Mellor, Chair of The Young Foundation
and former Partner at PwC

"Heidi Taylor has produced an essential must-read modern handbook for today's B2B marketers. The book is admirably accessible, while at the same time being in-depth and analytical. In it Taylor provides an inspiring set of tools, examples and methodologies to suit the breadth of marketing challenges faced by practitioners. Perhaps most importantly Taylor reminds us throughout the vastly informative chapters of the essential plumb line of customer focus that must be at the heart of every marketing strategy. This book provides a necessary and timely reminder for all marketers, in a world obsessed with broadcasting in all its forms, of their responsibility, and the universal human need not only to be heard, but listened to."

Lisa Lavia, Managing Director
Noise Abatement Society

"Heidi Taylor is a true B2B marketing professional with a strong understanding of the principles of B2B marketing and what is required to ensure brands thrive. She delivers sound reasoning on how marketing can deliver real value to the business. More than ever before in the B2B environment, the marketing department must take centre stage and be pulled from the back room to the board room. This is a must read for any B2B marketer or organization."

Jay Neale, Managing Director
The Agency Works

"This book is a great read. Heidi's back-to-basics approach is timely given the constant flow of shiny new tools that threaten to distract B2B marketers. The book is strategic and thought provoking yet gives practical advice that can be acted on straight away."

Polly Barton, Head of Global Business Development

"As a business owner and recruiter within the marketing arena, I have read a number of books on B2B marketing and am usually left feeling overwhelmed by jargon or underwhelmed by lack of meaningful content. Heidi's book is different, and offers valuable insights for any level of marketer. Heidi cuts to the chase and gets to the heart of the matter eloquently and succinctly. This book clearly spells out the principles, challenges and future of B2B marketing in an ever-changing landscape, and is a highly recommended read for anyone serious about ensuring their marketing delivers results in the 21st century."

Simone Timcke, Director of Anthem Consulting
B2B Marketing Recruitment

"Heidi has expertly distilled all her years of B2B marketing experience and knowledge in a book that accurately reflects the issues and opportunities that affect modern marketing professionals. Her 3D marketing system should become the adopted method for B2B marketing."

Terry Hewett, Chairman
Zest The Agency

"A vital book for today's B2B marketers who want to stand out from the competition and become leaders in their organizations by thinking, doing and being DIFFERENT! The need to return to marketing fundamentals as the enabling foundation is extremely well-articulated and is applicable to all B2B professionals."

Sylvie Jolly, Founder & Director
Oceane Communication

"A refreshingly thought provoking and insightful read that will have you thinking different about current thinking!"

Yetunde Hofmann, Leadership and Change expert, Visiting Fellow
The University of Reading, Henley Business School

"Heidi has expertly distilled all her years of B2B marketing experience and knowledge in a book that accurately reflects the issues and opportunities that affect modern marketing professionals." TERRY HEWETT, CHAIRMAN,

B2B Marketing Strategy: Differentiate, develop and deliver lasting customer engagement is a comprehensive exploration of the B2B marketing landscape, confronting and refuting the major fallacies that are continuing to dominate B2B marketing thinking. Filled with real-world case studies and practical, actionable insights, B2B Marketing Strategy takes the reader through three phases of thinking, doing and being different. It changes the reader's perspective, enabling marketers to better navigate the increasingly complex B2B commercial environment and ultimately be better equipped for what matters to B2B customers and organisations.

B2B Marketing Strategy has been used as a main text for the MBA B2B marketing module at the University of Southern California, where I guest-lectured during November 2018.

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Heidi Taylor

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